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Transpersonal Regression Therapist and Mental Health Expert

Dr. Gaurav Deka is a Transpersonal Regression Therapist & a Mental Health and Wellness Expert.
Practicing both a Physician and a Therapist,

Dr. Gaurav Deka believes in following an integrative and holistic approach for the complete wellness and mental well-being of his clients/patients.

His professionalism, combined with his understanding of human behaviour, drives the successful results he gets with any client who consults with him. His degree of qualifications include a medical background through his bachelor’s degree in medicine (MBBS) from Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, a masters in psychodynamic psychotherapy from Boston University, two post graduate diplomas in Transpersonal Regression Therapy and Inner Child Integration Therapy, which focuses on the resolution of mental and psychosomatic issues through regression and subconscious work. He also has two certifications in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute of India and Emotional Freedom Technique from AAMET International (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques). He uses techniques like Regression Therapy in conjunct with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Inner Child Healing. He is also a member of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh).

Trained at TASSO institute, Netherlands, Dr. Gaurav Deka not only believes and understands the metaphysical and the psychological aspects of health and diseases but being a Medical Doctor he also has the keen awareness of the Clinical, Functional and Organic aspects of the same.

He is also an Expert on: Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Family Constellations, Transgenerational Healing, Epigenetics, Psychoanalysis with Tarot, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Kinesiology, and Transpersonal Energy Healing.

Dr. Deka has trained with Dr. Hans TenDam and Aasha Warriar – two of the pioneers in the field of Regression Therapy in Netherlands and India respectively. He has also worked with Trisha Caetano, the founder of the Inner Child Integration Therapy program, USA. So far he has been the only medical doctor and transpersonal therapist from India who was invited to present his paper “From Hysteria to Black Magic: On the emergence of new age techniques to work with energies, entities and body syndromes” to the conference on 'Mutual Vampirism: Epistemic and Ontological Encounters between Asian, Alternative and Biomedicine', organized by AROGYAM, and by Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Cluster of Excellence, MC11.1, of the University of Heidelberg, 2016. His next two papers on - reading the idea of time through Tarot and Regression Work with Chopin’s nocturnes – await presentations at conferences in Berlin and New York later in 2017. He has worked with clients of all age groups and his interest areas vary widely; dealing with issues like addictions, depression, generalised anxiety disorders, fears and phobias, stress disorders, allergies, enuresis (bed wetting), relationship issues, sexuality and orientation issues and psychosomatic ailments. He also works largely in the area of psychosomatic medicine which involves intense drugless regression work with people suffering from cancer, autoimmune diseases like hyperthyroidism/hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, unexplained somatic pain etc. He extensively advocates LGBT rights with regards to LGBT mental health, and caters to a significant LGBT clientele across India and worldwide while working with their issues with coming out, gender dysphoria, identity crisis, body image & relationship concerns, depression, etc. He also conducts awareness talks, corporate classes and workshops on counseling, money blocks, relationship management, parenting practices, and self-healing techniques for empowering clients and students. He runs a curriculum called Cognitive Integrated Tapping Techniques (CITT) as a therapeutic medium and course, through a range of workshops, for upcoming therapists across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Guwahati currently, helping them have an insight and learning into psychosomatic and subconscious work.

He is available for private and group consultations/sessions at his clinic in South Delhi.

He can be reached at [email protected]

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